Patch Notes

Chapter 4 Patch Notes: Starting 4/4/2023
Updated: 4/7/2023

(Note: If you don’t have the “roster” role in the discord and would like to join in on the DRWF, go claim you some wrestlers.)

You can accumulate some points RIGHT NOW by building up your character in roleplay and twitter

Note: points = !money in stream chat.

New Follow: Gain 5000 points when you FIRST follow. This will help boost you to start betting immediately.

Watching Every DRWF Stream: Gain 100 points with every 10 minutes that you are watching the stream. Investors(subscribers) will receive 10x the amount, so 1000 points every 10 minutes. Lurking will also help build those points, so even if you’re doing other things, just having a browser window open with the stream up will add those points for you!

Roleplaying, Post Match Interviews and Twitter: Long story ROLEPLAYS and POST MATCH INTERVIEWS will count more then a TWEET now. So brush off the spellcheck and lets get creative!

  • Regular Long Form Story/Post Match Interview will fetch you 20K points PER USER by weeks end.
  • Tweets will fetch you 10K points PER CHARACTER by weeks end.

EXAMPLE: You could tweet as EL DANDY and MOLLY HOLLY, but that would be the same point value for one story or “segment”. So if you do a long form story as well as a character tweet per character, you could get a maximum of 50K points a week!

Remember, it doesn’t matter how often you tweet a week, it’s still 10K per character. Not 10K per tweet. But tweeting often will guarantee more opportunities for your character, including title shots and bigger stories!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 20K for roleplay is PER USER THAT POSTS IN THE ROLEPLAY SECTION. So if you collaborate, divide the postings up amongst each other. There are people that have their stablemates in their RPs and they do all of the work, and that wouldn’t be fair to give points to people that don’t do anything, and I can’t tell who truly helped or not (giving credit doesn’t prove that someone truthfully helped.). So I go by the user that posts in the roleplay section for the points.

To continue off of this, a better way to do a collaboration RP with someone is to create a thread in the Roleplay area. This way all people that are within said thread and go back and forth with said RP that will get the roleplay points if one of the others didn’t post a roleplay already that week.

NPC rule is now waved. Just try not to have more than 2 NPCs. And make sure we know who the NPC’s are and we can put them on the roster for your stable.

Gambling: Making sure you bet during each match. Now you win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day!

  • Minimum bet 100 points.
  • Max bet for weekly shows is 100,000.
  • Max bet for Mid-Chapter Specials and End of Chapter Pay Per Views is now 1 million!

Subscribing/Gift Subs:
Subscribing will get you 5000 points for each sub, resub or gifting a sub.

Cheering: Bits will receive 1000 points for every 100 streamers thrown.

Donating: Donations receive 100 points every dollar donated.

And of course you get points if your wrestler is in the match as well as if they win(normally given after the stream).

  • If you wrestle, you get 1000 points.
  • If you win, you get an additional 4000 points. Total being 5000 points.
  • Champions receive 9000 points for a successful title defense, total being 10K points.
  • New champion crowned will receive 99000 points, total being 100K points.

Near Falls:
With your matches, every 2.9 during a match is 1000 points added to each wrestler that’s in the match. So regardless if you wrestler loses, you could still end up with a lot of points depending on the near falls.

Referral Bonus: If you refer anyone and they actually join up, you’ll receive a 10K referral bonus.

Note: They have to put your twitch username in the referral box when they claim their wrestler if they do decide to join up.

Also Note: Please make sure the people you refer do plan to be active. Don’t have people just signing up only for us to have to release them at the end of the chapter due to inactivity. Again, it’s REALLY easy to be considered active. Just coming the streams and/or posting in  twitter/roleplay when you can at least once a month


Criticals: Getting a critical has been absolutely huge as of recent. So here are new ways to receive points.

  • Getting a basic critical that is just a knockout will gain you 5000 extra points to your win.
  • Giving a critical that causes an injury will now grant you an extra 10000 points to your win.

Champions Advantage:
If you are a current champion, you will receive an added advantage every single week as a champion. Of course with your wins, you receive additional points for your title defense as seen above when you compete. But now if you don’t compete, here is how you’ll be paid each week.

  • Eternal, Cutting Edge and Chaos Champion will receive 8000 points a week.
  • All other champions will receive 5000 points per week.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the Chapter(this time will be by June 18th, 2023)will receive $50 via PayPal!